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McAfee Product Deployment Tool

Hi Guys,

  • Is there a way out for deploying McAfee products except for creating a Scheduled Task through EPO.

        Problems - 1. Clients will not be available at that point of time.

                         2. Windows firewall may be on due to which deployment task fails.

  • I'm facing this issue whenever I have to deploy McAfee products on a larger network (1000 clients). Since i have to wait for the tasks to be executed

       -> For example, I had to implement TOPS Advanced in one of our client environment with the following products McAfee Agent, AV 8.7i, ASW 8.7i, HIPS, NAC Client and Site Advisor.

       -> Since I was not well versed with HIPS, NAC and Site Advisor what I did was deployed McAfee Agent, AV 8.7i, ASW 8.7i on 1000 machines in the first stage, then HIPS in second stage and now it's time for NAC and SAE.

  • Is there a deployment tool or some other procedure through which I can deploy the McAfee Products (For Eg : Agent, AV 8.7i, ASW 8.7i etc.)

  • Hoping for a magical soloutions from your side
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Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

We use a GPO to install McAfee Agent 4.0p3, from there the rest of the deployments should work fine regardless of whether the firewall is on or the machine is active (configure the deployment task to "Run Immediately" and it will get the task the next time the computer connects -- moreover, systems that already have the software will ignore the instructions unless there's a change that requires them to update).

If anyone is interested, I attached our internal documentation for creating a GPO to deploy McAfee Agent -- there are some links to internal URLs there, you'll have to grab Orca.msi and uniextract from the provider rather than our internal links.  Everything else should work as advertised.  This information was fed up to McAfee through our SAM about a year ago, but I haven't seen anything back with regard to actually supporting GPO deployment of McAfee Agents...

Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

Hi Keith,

This procedure it seems is only for McAfee Agent. Any other way out for other McAfee Products (AV, AS , HIPS etc).

Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

Once the agent is installed, everything else can be deployed using client tasks, regardless of firewall settings (windows share access isn't necessary).  Software configured to install via client tasks is deployed based on connections initiated by the client on tcp/80 (http) or tcp/443 (https), so it looks like normal web traffic.  The key is to get the agent on the system -- everything after that can be done from ePO without special firewall configuration settings on the client.

Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

Thanks Keith for your valauable reply.

Please do suggest some more valuable insights if any.

I'm not able to sign up on that site.

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Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

Sign up on what site?

Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

It's asking me a login to downlaod the packages.

Visit this site

Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

Ah, as I said inititally (less clearly), you'll have to google for those packages and download them from the original source.  The netfiles stuff is a local storage place we use at UIUC.

Re: McAfee Product Deployment Tool

Okay fine.

Thank you.................