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McAfee MVISION deployment pre-requisites with EPO 5.10.0

We have On-Premise EPO 5.10.0, we are using windows defender as AV on windows 10 need advise can we use McAfee MVISION on windows 10 systems along with Windows Defender. McAfee MVISION Deployment Pre-requisites along with Windows defender Can we manage defender from and McAfee MVISION using single console.
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Re: McAfee MVISION deployment pre-requisites with EPO 5.10.0

Hi ,

The short answer is 'yes!'

However, to do so will require you have installed and so use a product (add on to ENS) called 'MVISION Endpoint'

I spoke with the ENS group about this for you as it is something they support, so if you have further questions you should post to that group seeking help.
They explained the 'MVISION Endpoint' product will give you access to 'Defender' settings to help you protect and manage the software as needed.

The following information should be reviewed to that end:

MVISION ePO information:

MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator Release Notes
Product Documentation ID: PD27879

MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator Product Guide
Product Documentation ID: PD27880

MVISION Endpoint information:

MVISION Endpoint 19xx Installation Guide
Product Documentation ID: PD28226

MVISION Endpoint 19xx Product Guide
Product Documentation ID: PD28227

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