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McAfee HIP installation not completing install all features

Hello friends

I have problem to install  HIP in one of my computers I try to install it from epo and it remains in progress but shows this log in server task log as Details: Product "HOSTIPS_8000" installation succeeded to version "8.0.0".

I also check it but it has not installed completely it has only these folders:C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Host Intrusion Prevention and  has only vscore and host intrusion prevention shortcut and there is no folder in  C:\Program files.

So I try to install it manually  but when I run MCafeeHIP _clien_setup.exe it get this error : please run McafeeHIP_Clientsetup.exe !!!! also I can not repair and uninstall it.

I try to unistall it from this command:msiexec.exe /x{D2B9C003-A3CD-44A0-9DE5-52FE986C03E5} EPOSPAWNED=True /q /l+*v C:\Windows\Temp\McAfeeLogs\McAfeeHip8_UnInstall.log

but it is not success to uninstall it  and it shows this error: this action is  only valid for product that are currently installed.

my computer is server2012R2.

I also check my services.msc but there is no HIP service there.

Please help me to remove this incomplete HIP and Install new one.

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