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McAfee GTI Proxy Appliance Forwarder Server List


I have setup McAfee GTI Proxy by Following Installation guide, But i'm facing Issue while Configuring McAfee GTI Proxy appliance, as unable to get Forwarder Server IP list, i tried all the options to get the List i.e Enabling & Disabling SSL, tried to get IP List selecting Get from ePO, Get from McAfee Agent & also tried manually to enter the IP of the GTI Proxy Appliance But no luck.

So please help me to configure GTI Proxy Appliance.

Please find the attached screen shots to get cleasr Idea.

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Re: McAfee GTI Proxy Appliance Forwarder Server List

Hello Hemant,

Please try to add Internet DNS IPs in the proxy appliance through putty in the network settings.

Also by pass the proxy as most of the proxy are unble to process DNS request.

I also faced same issue and we do that and we get the forwarder ip list  Get from Mcafee Agent properly.

If you have any query please contact us!

Re: McAfee GTI Proxy Appliance Forwarder Server List

I´m facing the same problem. Have you already solved this issue? My proxy is already bypassed and required ports opened but I still can´t obtain IP list (same problem as you have).