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McAfee Endpoint Encryption - Domain Password Won't Sync

I was wondering if anyone in the McAfee Community could provide some insight on an issue I am having with a user.

I am working on a user’s device that syncs with McAfee EPO, the device and username will sync but not the domain password.

Encryption recovery options, clearing the SSO details does not resolve the issue. I have already reset the user information, reset the self-recovery and token reset.

This issue occurs with any device I set up for the user, new machine, renaming the machine etc.

If I put the device in one of the loaner bins it accepts the loaner username and password and If I associate my account with the machine it works fine.

According to the McAfee KB the error "EE0F0001 Token authentication parameters are incorrect" is caused because the following two options have been configured in the following way:

Must match user name in the Singe Sign On (SSO) configuration is disabled.

Synchronize Endpoint Encryption Password with Windows is enabled

I have verified this information and everything appears to match up properly:


I have attached the logs to see if anyone finds any errors that I may have missed.

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Re: McAfee Endpoint Encryption - Domain Password Won't Sync

For better handling I moved this to ePO.

I also changed your user name to omit the email portion for your safety and security.

You will have to log out and back in again as fuenteso

The system will send you a confirmation eventually.