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McAfee Agent not communicating


I'm new to this community and sorry if I ask a question at a wrong place. I'm having a issue with my McAfee where all my hosts that reporting to my agent handler not communicate.

Little background:

1) ePO 5.3.0 (facing internet) - W2K8 Server

2) Agent Handler - W2K8 Server

3) McAfee Agent

4) Hosts (mixture of W2K3 and Windows 7)

My ePo is getting updates direct from the internet and my Agent Handler and hosts with McAfee agent are on the same layer of network where ports are not require to be opened. It was work perfectly for few months but recently about a month ago all my hosts not getting DATs updates except for Agent Handler. In ePO system tree I noticed the hosts were not communicated and show last communication was a month ago.

I did try running manual update from the hosts but giving me error Unable to find a valid repository. Update process failed.

I'm stuck now and don't know what had caused the hosts not communicating. I did a telnet to my agent handler and there was no issue (same network layer).

Hope anyone can help me on this. Thanks

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