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McAfee Agent, checks into the ePO server but does not update DATS or download catalog Z files for install

I work  in an environment where we supply HBSS servies for corporate entities and I have seen where the initial download of the McAfee agent and modules install successfully, or even the first few will install successfully and then it will stop and there will be an error in the agent logs for download and it would not upload the latest dats.

The network will be fine, with no changes, I know this because other workstations/servers would be running successfully and it's just those few machines that it does not work the way it is supposed to do.

I have had the POC uninstall VSE, uninstall the agent, delete the GUID and even start over from scratch in an attempt to fixz these problems.

I have been searching the discussion Boards with no success, has anyone found any workarounds for these poblems??

Even if it is just an idea that I can test out in a closed environment whould be great.

Thanks everyone for your assistance...

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