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McAfee Agent & Windows 8

I currently have Epo 4.0.0 and McAfee Agent 4.5, with a mixture of VS 8.7 & 8.8. Now have a Windows 8 laptop that I want to get 8.8 deployed onto. The agent seems to have deployed 8.8 has now.

If I upgrade the McAfee Agent to 4.6 do I need to download just patch 3, or the Agent & Patch 3?



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Level 12

Re: McAfee Agent & Windows 8

Agent 4.6.0 Patch 3 is a full installer.  You'll also need to download the new and check that into ePO as an extension, and check (for 4.6.0 P3) into your repository

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Level 16

Re: McAfee Agent & Windows 8

Also bear in mind that ePO 4.0.0 is very much out of support (since Sept 2011).

You will need to move to a more recent ePO server version too.



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