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McAfee Agent Updater - restart required

Hi there,

I´ve some Windows 7 clients with Agent Version they´re reveiving a McAfee Agent Updater Request to restart the computer. Message occurs multiple times a day. If I upgrade the client to Windows 10, than the issue is fixed but I can´t upgrade over 20 clients within a short time. Is there any way to disable these restart messages? Do anyone know the cause?

What I already tried:

- Reinstall Agent

- uninstall manually (registry)

Thanks for your help!


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McAfee Employee

Re: McAfee Agent Updater - restart required

in your agent policy, do you have it enabled to prompt for if restart is needed?  Do these messages correspond to any update or deployment task running on the system?  I would suggest opening a ticket with McAfee support to investigate, unless you can identify a specific task or point product update that may be triggering it.

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Level 10

Re: McAfee Agent Updater - restart required

Do you use McAfee HIPS? if so look for a file called in the Windows directory... think it's called HIPS_Reboot. If so delete this and reboot your device.

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