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McAfee Agent 5.0 removal


I'm new to this forum and have had a look arround to find documentation or guidance on this issue but so far haven't found anything. Hence my question.

One of my machines, for some period of time was not being managed in the normal way via ePO. This was brought to my attention and I tried to fix this via ePO without any luck. I now need to resort to a manual removal of the McAfee Agent version from the said machine before reinstalling an upto date agent. I am unable to remove the agent via 'add and remove' option from the control panel either as an admin on the machine both in safe mode or normal mode. Is there a McAfee KB article that gives manual instructions to remove the agent?

To note there is no C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\x86\frminst.exe, I have tried rinstalling the agent using the framepkg.exe and get the two erros (see attached). I've looked at  McAfee Corporate KB - kb65863 with no luck (I'm unable to change the value of the key from 2 to 4...


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