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McAfee Agent 4.0 HotFix 1

Resolved issues
Issues that are resolved in this release are listed below.

1. Issue: The McAfee Agent's ability to perform updates is blocked when the name of the installation or data folders includes an extended ASCII character. (Reference: 404111)
Resolution:The McAfee Agent's ability to update is no longer blocked if the installation or data folder names include an extended ASCII character.
2. Issue: The McAfee Agent process "RunPullTask" would run, but it wouldn't copy SiteStat.xml to the specified mirror location. (Reference: 409637)
Resolution:The McAfee Agent process "RunPullTask" now creates a SiteStat.xml file in the appropriate mirror location.
3. Issue:When a managed product's plug-in required a reboot, the user was prompted, but the computer rebooted even when the user selected No. (Reference: 410573)
Resolution:The McAfee Agent now responds correctly based on the user's selection.
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RE: McAfee Agent 4.0 HotFix 1

Arrg, "McAfee Agent 4.0 HotFix 1 is now available via escalation."

(to Mcafee) ---> Just post it, I don't want to call.......again