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Level 7

Managed mode - GUI ID


i have my EPO Svr and many others systems Managed ->

But this system does not appear

So, i connect on host client and found this after a lot of searchs.

I belive this is the problem.

thanks in advance

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Level 9

Re: Managed mode - GUI ID

Unmanaged means client system is not communicating to ePO server.

Suggest you to try the below steps:

1. try to ping ePO server from client system

2. try telnet on port 443 and 80

3. Share the agent log from client system

check if you have duplicate system in ePO system tree with the same system name

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Level 11

Re: Managed mode - GUI ID

Usually, installing the latest agent fixes it. If you have admin rights on the system you push it.

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