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Manage different Clients OS with different epo Agents

Hey guys,

maybe this question is already answered somewhere else, then I was just not able to find it. Because of an unplanned Situation at work, I need to take care over our epo Server, so I'm still learning

Currently our System tree is separated in 3 different Groups - Workstation, Notebooks, Server. We have around 800 Clients, mostly Windows 7 but still some XP and starting with Windows 10. The agents are installed manually on Server or with third Party Software deployment on the "normal" Clients

Now the question is, how to upgrade the current epo Agent to 5.0.5 - I know the latest supported Version for XP is 5.0.3. For my understanding, when I create one Agent deployment Task for the new Agent, and assign it to the Workstation tree to run daily until all Clients are upgraded, all System will try to install the new Agent. But since XP isn't compatible with 5.0.5, it will fail the Installation.

So do I need to make on separate Group for Clients that do not Support the new Agent or what's the best solution for this Problem (maybe it is not a Problem at all)

best regards


(sorry for my bad english)

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Re: Manage different Clients OS with different epo Agents

My apologise too for my english

Very easy to solve

create an automatic tag named XP. applied on this condition : O.S. = Windows XP

then in your client deploy task, just insert the XP tag in the DO NOT HAVE condition

Like that, your client task will target all computers without XP tag and all will be managed automatically


P.S. Create a tag for each O.S. Good Advice

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Re: Manage different Clients OS with different epo Agents


I will give that a try

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Re: Manage different Clients OS with different epo Agents

I tried this suggestion and it seems to work like intented.

But something is strange:

During the assigning progress, I choose "Win XP" Tag under "And has none of these tags" - nothing else. After finishing the assignment, I clicked on the task, and at the point "potential affected systems", only my XP machines were count.

Is this the normal behavior? Shouldn't it be like I have 800 Windows 7 tagged machines minus 20 Win XP tagged machines = 780 potential affected machines.

Or is there a problem, when machines have multiple tags?

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Re: Manage different Clients OS with different epo Agents

along with tags (​) perhaps the deployment tasks would streamline your install process.

Deployment tasks are client tasks that are used to deploy managed security products to your managed systems from the Master Repository.

You can create and manage individual deployment task objects using the client task catalog, then assign them to run on groups or individual system. Alternatively, you can create Product Deployment projects to deploy products to your systems. Product Deployment projects automate the process of creating and scheduling client task objects individually. They also provide additional automated management functionality.

page 210

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