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Major problem with Mcafee and NDIS drivers on cluster server environment.

Currently, everything points to an error in the McAfee NDIS driver which interfere with the authoritative NDIS driver in the operating system. This interference block the operating systems ability to change the TCP/IP  settings of the network interface adapter during installation and configuration of a Windows Network Load Balancing cluster. Even after manually updating the TCP/IP settings, McAfee prevents the nodes from converging and establishing a functional cluster.

After disabling all McAfee services and rebooting the server, the NLB cluster can be installed and configured without any issue at all, and all aspects of the NLB feature works as intended.

MCafee epo - 4.0 patch 7

Virus scan enterprise -

patch 2

Kindly request you to answer only if any one who has faced this issue . It very very serious problem .