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Macs appear in epo 4.5 with inconsistent host names

We have EPO 4.5 and Mac and Windows clients.

PCs seem to appear in EPO with their NETBIOS name. This provides a nice consistent naming scheme.

Macs seem to appear based on their IP address. I am told there is some kind of netbios equivalent for Macs or even scutil --get ComputerName

It seems that the value of hostname gets used.

What this means for us is that the wireless and VPN users keep appearing with different IP addresses.

So even if we install the Mac agent 4.6 on a computer when it is on wired, and it's there in epo as foo, when they VPN using Cisco VPN, I believe, their mac address is 0 but they suddenly show up as vpnpool-11 (or whatever pool address they got). I don't know who that really is without sshing to them and running the scutil command.

Similarily we allow Macs to have wired and wireless addresses so suddenly I will see foo-wlan.xx.xx.xx instead of just foo.

I have found I can set the description field in EPO.

I wondered if there was some way to have epo not update with the vpnpool name but instead use the first name that was associated with that GUID.

I've looked over some of the KB articles etc about disappearing entries but really want to know if there's some easy hack/setting I can do in order to see the real computer name for my Macs.


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McAfee Employee
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Re: Macs appear in epo 4.5 with inconsistent host names


I'd just like to clarify one thing: when the machine foo connects in via VPN, does the existing entry for foo change to vpnpool-11, or do you get a new entry for vpnpool-11 being created?

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Re: Macs appear in epo 4.5 with inconsistent host names

The existing entry changes to vpnpool-11.

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Re: Macs appear in epo 4.5 with inconsistent host names

Sorry to bring this back up, but hopefully this will be helpful for some other ePO admins / mac admins. You were Very close with the scutil. You were using the get command to retrieve the ComputerName and HostName, but you can also do a set command against those to change the values. So... in our case, we use Casper to image our macs. Casper sets the ComputerNAme value in scutil, but does not set the hostname, which McAfee uses. So I have a post script (during imaging process) run on all of our machines to set the HostName to whatever the ComputerName is. Below is the shell script and single command line to use if you like.


STRING=$(scutil --get ComputerName)

scutil --set HostName $STRING

And the single command line version:

scutil --set HostName $(scutil --get ComputerName)

I know this thread is old, but this was the resolution for us and hopefully this will help somebody!

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