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Machines lost status of DATs, Engines in EPO 4.0


I've got a situation (although it's not a critical one) where ePO agents reporting into our ePO server are working ok, the client is accepting DAT updates and reporting them back and then suddenly, when you check in the ePO reports, they state under the DAT and Engine versions N/A!

If you go to the machines, the products are still installed and up to date but if you click on Collect and Send Props, it doesn't update the details in ePO

If you do an Agent Wakeup Call from ePO, it states it's Failed even though the machine is connecting in every hour for updates.

The only way to get those details updating back in ePO again is to log onto the machine and run and update now and that seems to pass the info back.

This obviously isn't always easy and is annoying the users and me!!!

Please help if you've any ideas or have had something similar.

EPolicy is 4.0 Patch 5
Agents are 4.0.3 Embedded Credentials
VSE is 8.5i Patch 8
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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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RE: Machines lost status of DATs, Engines in EPO 4.0

Normally I'd recommend doing a full props wakeup call as a first step - but obviously that's not an option :-)
Personally I'd investigate why wakeup calls are failing as it's more worrying. Are firewalls blocking the wakeup calls? Anything meaningful in the epoapsrv log (wakeup calls are logged here)?