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Machine not talking to Agent


I have VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i Patch 8 installed and have ePO4 running and when I deploy the agent to a machine in the Windows log the Agent installs successfully but it fails to communicate with the server. The machine is running Windows XP SP3.

The VirusScan has picked up all the repositories.

I have it running on about 100 machines and they all are OK and communicating back all the icons have changed to the Red M.

I have tried re-installing VirusScan and it still does not communicate.
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RE: Machine not talking to Agent

I have just tried deploying an agent to another site and in the Windows logs it states it is installed successfully but it does not talk back to ePO. The icon is still the blue/grey shield, and all my other machines that do talk back have the red M icon.

The machines I installed the agent on a few months back are fine and seem to be talking back and getting their updates from their local repositores.
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