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MAC's in ePO 4.5

Greetings all!

Not sure if my comment should go here, but... I want to extract information from all the Macs in our environment within ePO (4.5). If you look at the ePO Tool Exchange, in particular Collecting Serial Numbers from Machines (which was done using EEDK) I want to create a similar deployment package for Macs. Unless I'm looking in totally the wrong places, I can't find much on Macs and that dissapointing.

I want to do two things; extract the serial number and model identified for all Macs in our envirtonemtn. I have the commands using terminal. However, writing scripts on a Mac is not my strong suit. If I gave you the commands can anyone assist? I appreciate any assistance.



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Re: MAC's in ePO 4.5

Moved provisionally from a very old thread to ePO for better attention.