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Looking for a report in EPO

Looking for a report in EPO which gives me the information about the current agent version and DAT file version along with the basic information of the machine. Do let me know how and from where i can get this report.

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Re: Looking for a report in EPO

I don't think such a report exists by default, but you can certainly build it yourself.

  1. Go to Queries & Reports
  2. Click "New Query"
  3. For "Result Type", choose "System Management" --> "Managed Systems", and click next
  4. For "Chart", select "List" --> "Table".  I like changing the sort order from Agent GUID to System Name, but that's optional.  Click next.
  5. "Columns" will build out the table using the properties you want.  Sounds like you want at least:
    1. System Name
    2. Product Version (Agent)
    3. Product Version (VSE, ENS TP, or both, depending on which you are using)
    4. DAT Version (for VSE) and/or AMCore Content Version (for ENS TP)
    5. Last Communication (always a useful field to include)
    6. Any other information you want in the report.  Other system properties can be found in "Managed Systems" and "Detected Systems" categories.
    7. Click Next
  6. "Filter" will limit the results returned.  Sounds like you want to know about everything, so leave this blank.  Otherwise, build a filter that will give you only the info you want; for instance, you could build two versions of this, one for VSE and one for ENS, and filter one on "Product Version (ENS)" greater than or equal 1, and the other on "Product Version (VSE)" greater than or equal to 1, and then each report will only list systems with that product.

Once you're happy with your filter, you can either run it now and see the result, or save it to run later.  If you choose run, after it shows you what it does, it gives you the option to "Edit Query" and go back and change things, or if you're happy with the result, you can save it from there.

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