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Linuxshield client task log

Hello there,

I have a client task setup for a on-demand full scan of a particular group in epo that contains linux servers. The linux servers are running linuxshield 1.5.

I need to be able to audit the fact that the scan task has completed successfully. When we inspect the logs on

a linux server in /opt/McAfee/cma/scratch/etc

All we can find is 1 entry in the log

2010-05-10 21:53:24 [3701]  [Scheduler]  Task [Test Full Scan] is finished

However, there no indication if it was successful.

Is there anyway to get any more information about the scan. Simliar to the scan summary on windows boxes would be handy

Many Thanks

2 Replies

Re: Linuxshield client task log

I haven't used LinuxShield for a while but perhaps you can try VirusScan for Linux 1.6. I think you can find more interesting logs there

Re: Linuxshield client task log

Ok so I found part of the answer myself by opening the gui web interface on the linux clients on port 55443 which offers system events which provide all the details for client task events.

I would still like to know if anyone can tell me where in the linux file system i might find the raw data for this in the logs. Im assuming it would be somewhere in var\log but not sure where. If anyone might know where i could find the summary scan task information on a linux box in the logs that would be much appreciated.