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Licensing Regarding ePO


I have used ePO at a previous company I work at, but was not in a decision making position regarding purchasing software etc.  A few years down the line I find myself in a position where my ideas are being listen to and I have been asked about sorting out a managed AV solution for a growing company.

We are looking at McAfee as an AV solution - moving from another provider so this is a total migration to the system.  My question, and forgive me if it is already somewhere in the depths of this forum, is: How would the licensing work when we buy ePO licenses?  If we purchase say, 150 license for ePO, do we still need to add 150 (or the number of nodes we need to cover) of Endpoint protection too, or is it included in the licensing of ePO already?

Basically I don't want my first major project to be my last so need to get the costings for it at least fairly correct!

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Licensing Regarding ePO

Moved to Business > ePO as a better spot to get an answer.




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