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Latest VSE HF 1123565 Not Showing Correct Version (

Hello All,

Installed the latest HF 1123565 for VSE and it installs correctly but when you check the "About" in MA or in the ePO console in System Information, Products section, it also shows the incorrect version (.1528, which is P7). When I look at the files in the installed areas (copt...), it has the correct version and all the logs say it installed correctly but all entries in the registry show it as the P7 version (.1528). I have re-installed the P7 and HF but no changes. Of course I have rebooted several times and no changes.

Has anyone seen anything like this with this HF?


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Re: Latest VSE HF 1123565 Not Showing Correct Version (

hi gng4life


Yes it is the same here, one of the ways to find out is via ePO console, go to system tree then chose the client from product select VirusScan EnterpriseVirusScan Enterprise then press ctrl F and find fixes you will see 1123565 as shown below


Re: Latest VSE HF 1123565 Not Showing Correct Version (

Hi Alhaawi,

Yes, I have confirmed that already so we are sure the HF took in the system, it is just not reporting it back. This may seem minor but when you scan systems, it will look like it is still vulnerable but it is not. I wanted to see if anyone found a way to update the system so it shows the correct version.

Thanks for any help!

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