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Laptop scan and update issues

I'm new to EPO and have been having some difficulty with balancing the task of keeping laptops updated with current DATs and making sure the On-Demand Scan does not drain their laptop's performance. I have tried setting different times for the update and scan, but nothing seems to be working. If I set to after business hours, they get hammered at logon the next morning and complain that they cannot do anything for 10-15 minutes. If I set it to a time during business hours, they say they can't do anything either. What is "best practice" as far as scheduling goes for laptop users or machines that are powered off during the update and scan jobs? I've tried "when idle" and that doesn't work very well either. For now I am setting the update to 11am and the scan to 12pm to see how that works. I also set the utilization to 10% during the scan (down from the default 60%). Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.