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LDAP server

I have setup EPO 5.1 and want to add an LDAP server.  When I try to add using SSL I get Unable to communicate with the LDAP Server.  If I uncheck SSL it works.  My Domain controllers do not have windows firewall on.  What do I need to change to get SSL working?

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Re: LDAP server

This may help - perhaps confirm the ports between epo/ldap server are open/same

Unable to authenticate with the LDAP server. Verify the username and password are correct (ePolicy Orchestrator is unable to connect to an LDAP server) Technical Articles ID:   KB66105 Last Modified:  3/31/2016

McAfee Corporate KB - How to deploy the McAfee Stinger via ePolicy Orchestrator 4.x KB77981

  • If you use SSL, specify the correct port. Port 636 is commonly used for LDAP over SSL.
  • If you do not use SSL, verify the port number. Not specifying a port will default to port 389, which is the normal port for LDAP without SSL.
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