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Keeping track of machines with McAfee disabled

Is there a way to scan the network to determine if McAfee has been disable? How can I view and keep track of machines that have had McAfee disabled.

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Re: Keeping track of machines with McAfee disabled

If you have policies enforced to prevent mcafee to be disabled then this wouldnt happen. If the machines have the agent installed but not mcafee, you can created a report to check for machines that do not have it installed however, if a you a proper deploy ment task it would rectify this automatically. Which version of ePO are you using?

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Re: Keeping track of machines with McAfee disabled

It's a valid question. There are times you want to know if McAfee isn't running. We had a number of Windows 2000 Terminal Servers that were downgraded from VSE8.7 to 8.5. None of them had McAfee running because they weren't rebooted after removing 8.7.

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