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Issuse with ePO, McAfee Agent and installation of VSE 8.8

Hi all, I'm have several issues with ePO 4.6.4 and deploying the Agent 4.8.1500 and with VSE.  The ePO server is located at another hospital about 200 miles away.  When I access a machine from the console the summary status is red.  I can force an agent install from the console, do an agent wake up call and it remains red.  If I RDP to the server and do a force uninstall and redeploy the agent I get the same results.  If the server / machine does not have AV installed, I can manually install AV and update with the latest DAT files and check the status on the console and the summary status turns green sometimes. On one of the servers, I forced an install of the agent and the summary status stayed red. Forced a removal of the agent and redeployed the agent, sent an agent wakeup call and the summary status remained red.  RDP to the server and installed AV manually and the installation updated the DATs from the ePO server.  When I look at the McAfee Agent Monitor I have see Agent failed to communicate with the ePO server. Collect and send props same thing. 

Thanks for your help in advance.


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Re: Issuse with ePO, McAfee Agent and installation of VSE 8.8

I'm not sure I directly understand your problem, but it seems your saying that when you click on a machine, the Summary tab is not getting updated properly? Is this on all machines or just some?

When you click on a machine, and you see that summary, it is based on a query and can be changed. See screenshot, click on customize and see what query is being ran. What query is being ran? It is not necessarily the same for every ePO setup as you can change the default query that is used to display the summary. Menu > Configuration > Server Settings > System Detail Settings.

Secondly, I would figure out why the agent if failing to communicate with the ePO server. Take a look at the logs as see if you can see why it is failing: C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\DB; the Agent_machinename.log and _error.log

Re: Issuse with ePO, McAfee Agent and installation of VSE 8.8

The first issue, the summary query status is returned as red.  The query that being ran McAfee Compliance for Windows Systems.  If the machine is unmanaged, and I deploy the agent to the machine, the summary status query is returned in red.  See screen shot below.

If I send an agent wakeup call to the machine, and force complete policy and task update, wait a few minutes and refresh the status never changes.  If I send VSE 8.8 with patch 4 install it never installs.  I can manually install VSE on the machine update the DATs from the installation, click finish from the agent monitor on the machine enforce policies, sometime it will up date the summary query in the ePO console.  BTW the agent version is  ePO version 4.6.4.

I changed the summary query to VSE Version 8.8 compliance nothing changes.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Issuse with ePO, McAfee Agent and installation of VSE 8.8

So I would check the basics to start with. Can the EPO server get the IP address of the system having an issue through DNS and vice-versa.

Can the agent connect to the EPO server on the Agent to server comms port (check throug Telnet)

Is the server in the example dual/multi homed? It may be that its talking out a different interface at times so may need to have a static route added to the correct interface to talk consistently to the EPO server

Re: Issuse with ePO, McAfee Agent and installation of VSE 8.8

I agree with xspader, you need to look at the basics and see why the agent deployment is failing or why the agent communication with ePO is failing.

RDP into the server, and if the agent is installed, look at the logs and see why it can't communicate with ePO:

C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\DB

Also, when you do run client task to push say VSE to the machine, it will create a log here, check it out and see why it is failing if it makes it this far:


Re: Issuse with ePO, McAfee Agent and installation of VSE 8.8

do you have super agents / an agent handler deployed at the remote location?

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