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Issues with EMM ios client and custom app deployment to IOS devices


Completely new to EPO and EMM and have been tasked with deploying a custom built IOS app to our environment. I have noted two problems and have three questions.

Situation: IOS app (IPA file) setup via EPO 5.1 (Server settings, Enterprise Mobility Management, Package Management, Create new IOS Enterprise Application with 'install during Provisioning etc' and 'Delete application and application data at MDM uninstall' boxes checked). App distribution handed by groups users from a AD server. This works fine, so far as it goes. Custom app deploys when you go to recommended apps on the EMM app and select it. App uninstalls when the Device Management profile is removed.


1. If during the initial EMM 4.9.1 install form the app store, if you accept the app, login to it but hit CANCEL during the profile install, you can then open EMM from the screen and go to recommended apps you can still install it. And then if you uninstall EMM, the app is still there since it doesn't go away until the profile, which doesn't exist is deleted.

2. When you uninstall MDM on the device, the device management profile does not go away and hence the app stays.


1. Can you have EPO generate a request when someone attempts to install the EMM on a device for the first time so an approval email is created and then the user can be granted or denied permission to set it up on the device?

2. Can you have the EMM send a request back to the EPO when someone attempts to install the app from "recommended apps" to generate an an email and require a approval on the EPO console before the app is installed?

3. Is there a way to remove the app from a device that has the EMM client and profile on it?

Thanks for any and all help!

Roger Hanna

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