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Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?

Hi all

firstyly, i hope i'm in the right place! secondly, i really would appreciate some assistance. I have a little problem that i'm sure there is a solution to but as yet, i've been unable to find it.

in my company's office we run EPolicy Orchestrator and all the pc's are in a model that i can send an Agent Install out to...they all work fine. now, we've taken over another company. they are on our network and all the relative trusts have been established, etc. They are essentially on our network. What i would like to happen is they have their own repository on their server and each of their pc's has it's own agent, updating from the repository on their server. this would save network usage and the big bods would be happy about that.

i have created a distributed repository (we'll call it B)null on the new company's server. the master (A) is set to replicate to B every night. when i run the agent package from our new company, the agent still looks at our repository A, and not B.null is there an easy way that i'm missing of creating a Frame Package that points to B instead of A?

i've had a little look at exporting the Sitelist.xml to the B repository and maybe editing it to point to the correct place (B) but as yet i'm having no luck.

this scenario sounds very possible but i seem to have hit a brick wall with it. :-(

thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to point me in the correct way

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RE: Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?

you need to go look in the agent policy catalogue

you need to alter the agent policy settings to point first to the distributed repository on their own site (and you may want it to default back to the main one if this is not available so I would keep this as an option)
you then apply this policy only to the agents on their site.

the options are ping time (fastest responding to ping repos), subnet or specific list

RE: Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?

firstly, many thanks for your reply toby.

i have changed the policy to include a configuration that first looks at the B site and then at the A site. i have only done this on the epo agent section - do i have to do similar things on the other software? the virus enterprise 8.5.0 for example?

James, what you/ve said on your reply is basically what i was after - a frame package for site A and a frame package for site B.null is that actually an option or do you only have one frame package and then apply different policies to it for the different groups in the model?

i think it's perfectly possible but it's just getting it round my (our) head(s)... happy
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RE: Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?

The best option is just to install your agents however you will and then differentiate them according to the agent policy you apply from the epo server to the different segments of the directory ( I assume of course that you do seperate them out in the directory)
There would be no need for different VSE policies unless you actually have some difference to apply.

RE: Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?

That's what is confusing me also. I'd like to keep the two sites as seperate as possible. I'd like to know...
How do I get the site B nodes to use the repository at site B without effecting configigured and working nodes at site A? Is it a totally diffferent framepkg that gets created?
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RE: Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?

goes like this.

you have site A with 1 epo server that covers all your agents

at site B you have a distributed respo that collects the dats from site A

in your directory on the epo server you apply the following policy to your agents

POLICY 1: Use the epo server for DATS/updates
POLICY 2: Use the dist repos for DATS/Updates but go to EPO if this is down
(this would be the specific list with dist repos at top)

apply policy 1 to agents within the site a groups in directory
apply policy 2 to the agents in the site b groups of the directory

RE: Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?

it all makes perfect sense now tony (i've just realised that in my first reply i called you apologies!)

i will set this in motion and see what happens.

again, many thanks for your help

RE: Is it possible to use a Dist Repository at a different site?


If you don't mind, I'd like to piggy back on your question because I am doing almost the same exact thing only in my instance, Site B is on a different domain but still can talk to the ePO server at site A. When I tried to install epo 4 at site B even though I had no depoloy tasks enabled, it started to pull client servers from A site into 4.0. I had to go back to my Site A 3.6 epo server and manually repush the agent to all the effected nodes after I took the epo 4.0 box offline.

I am thinking its probably better even though its seperate domains to use just 1 epo server and setup a distributed repository at site B.null I am going to need the same help as Derby setting up the distributed repository and making a new framepkg file.

So if I am understanding how this works correctly, I will then have two different framepkg.exe files? One for each location?