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Is Web Service(IIS) feature required for ePO to work ?


When I was trying to install McAfee ePO on Windows Server 2012, I got the error saying port 80 is in use by another service. When I searched around the internet, I found that Web Server (IIS) Overview feature could cause this problem . In my server, under IIS I had IIS World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC)  and  IIS Windows Process Activation Service (WAS)  enabled.

How can I workaround this problem without changing ports in ePO. Is IIS a necessary feature for ePO to work ? Can I disable that ? Or Can i Disable W3SVC or WAS ?

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Re: Is Web Service(IIS) feature required for ePO to work ?

ePO installs its own web server (Apache), and tries to use port 80 by default; if IIS is already installed, then it'll most likely be using port 80 already, and ePO's Apache server can't get that port.

If IIS isn't doing anything on that server, remove it, and you should be able to install ePO fine.

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