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Internet Explorer 9 and Epo Console

Hi guys,

just want to know if the epo console works with IE 9 Beta.

Has someone tested this yet?


on 22.09.10 08:55:40 GMT+01:00
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Re: Internet Explorer 9 and Epo Console

Epo 4.0 patch 7 (or 6?  I forget...) and 4.5 patch 1 are working ok for me.  Quite a bit slower than in IE8 but funtions and displays correctly.  Hopefully the final release will be a bit speedier.

on 22/09/10 09:25:35 CDT

Re: Internet Explorer 9 and Epo Console


thx 4 ur opinion.

I installed it too now and it works very well.

I cant say that it is slower then IE 8 in ePO.

But what i can say is that i it loads other sites very very fast.

But got some crashes with flash applications too yet

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