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Installing EOP4 wizard was interrupted


I've installed Ms SQL express 2005 on a MS Windows 2008 32bit server. Then I install EPO 4.0.
All goes well entering port numbers etc until the very end as it looks like it's finished copying files/installing, it pops up with an error,
"The wizard was interrupted before McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator could be completely installed".

Then it removes the directories it's created. I check the logs but there is more than one log file so I'm not sure what I'm looking at.
I've read something about installing with a simple password. Which password would this be referring to?? The SA password or the windows authentication

Any help would be great.
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RE: Installing EOP4 wizard was interrupted

Are you installing ePO from remote desktop? if so you shouldn't because it won't work.

Why did you manually install SQL Express? is it because you had any problem with ePO install before?

RE: Installing EOP4 wizard was interrupted

Thanks for your reply ulyses31.

I failed to mention it's running in a vmware session. I'm using the console within Virtual Centre. I've used this before when installing EPO on one of my win2003 servers.
If I don't install SQL before the EPO installation it says it's unable to make a connection to the database server. It doesn't try to install SQL with the EPO install.

any other ideas?
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RE: Installing EOP4 wizard was interrupted

I have similar error when I upgrade my EPO 4.0 to 4.0 Patch 3. I found that the Windows application log will show some error regrading the SQL server authentication error. Do you have it too, needlenuts ?

I then follow the McaFee KB52969 to configure my EPO using sa sql authentication and do the the upgrade. It finally works.Smiley Happy

You may try it out.

RE: Installing EOP4 wizard was interrupted

Turns out it was a password problem. It was too complex. So I created a new user within AD and gave it a simple password with just numbers and letters. I used this username and password when asked to enter the database name, AD details and TCP port.

Thanks for all your help.