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Installation path ugprade vs clean

Hi all,

I'm testing various upgrade scenarios and found a curiosity that I'd like to share to find if this is common.

If installing a recent version of McAfee Agent (say 5.0.5) it will install in

     ?:\program files\mcafee\agent

but if upgrading from earlier versions the installer keeps using

     ?:\program files (x86)\mcafee\common framework

I was wondering if this is correct behaviour? It feels inconsistent.



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Re: Installation path ugprade vs clean

It would appear that this maybe by design - Upgrade keep the same folder structure while NEW installs receive a new folder structure:

Agent 4.8.0 - Page 29: On Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7 64‑bit client systems, the default location is: :\program files (x86)\mcafee \common framework

Agent 5.0.0 - Page 31: If not specified, the default location is: :\program files\mcafee\Agent

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Re: Installation path ugprade vs clean

Yeah, I've seen references in McAfee documentation (can't remember which offhand) that state that upgrades from 4.8 or before will have the old structure, and new 5.0+ installs will have the new.  Makes it fun when you've RDP'ed to a box and want to get the shield icon up; do you go to the old location or the new one to run cmdagent.exe /s?

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Re: Installation path ugprade vs clean

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