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Installation Mcafee Agent 5.0.5 sur windows 10


Après l'upgrade du serveur epo en 5.3.3, j'ai généré l'agent 5.0.5 pour l'installer sur un poste Windows 10 pro.

Après avoir lancé l'exe, le message "Paramètre incorrect" apparaît et l'installation s'arrête là.

Avez-vous une solution pour moi?


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Reliable Contributor Peacekeeper
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Installation Mcafee Agent 5.0.5 sur windows 10

Moved to EPO forum and provided a google translation

After upgrading the epo server to 5.3.3, I generated Agent 5.0.5 to install it on a Windows 10 pro workstation.
After launching the exe, the message "Incorrect parameter" appears and the installation stops there.

McAfee Employee cdinet
McAfee Employee
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Re: Installation Mcafee Agent 5.0.5 sur windows 10

Are you right-clicking on the exe and choosing "run as administrator"?  If not, please do so, as that is necessary when running it locally. Please also look in the %temp%\McAfeelogs directory for both a frminst and agent msi install log for the specific errors.

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