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Install problem with ePO 5.1 and SQL Server connection

Good Afternoon

I`ve tried to install ePO server 5.1 on a new server and the SQL Db is on a second SQL-Server.

As long as I am using a cName for adressing the SQL database, the ePO is not able to connect to this database. Always the error message occurs "Wrong sql port for accessing the database". I am using port 1433 which is default sql port and open on the server. With my SQL Management Studio, I`ve no problem to access the database. SQL settings are set to db owner and db creator.

I´ve changed from using the cName to real sql-server name and the installation has no problem. When the installation has finished, I am able to change the ePO db-settings from real servername to cName and it works.

Has someone an idea for this strange behavior?


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Re: Install problem with ePO 5.1 and SQL Server connection


             Have you get any idea for this, that why you are getting this kind of error, of you found any soultion then also kindly share the solution with me aswell, because I am also facing the same kind of proble.

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