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Install/Update across subnets via NAT

My apologies for the long post, but to get the right information out there I have no choice.

Firstly we're a Netware School, No AD. Installing ePO4.0 and recently upgraded to ePO4.5 without issue. All the clients were on the same subnet (10.1.x.x/ and communicated with the ePO server (Windows 2003 R2) without issue.

I've now installed a Wireless network. The Wireless network is on a 10.0.x.x/ subnet and are NAT'd through a Gateway black box.

None of the Wireless clients can communicate with the ePO server. I cannot browse for them via the domain browser. I can however telnet to the ePO server from the Wireless client on port 8083.

I would be very grateful if someone could suggest ways of getting the Wireless clients to access "a" repository to perform updates. I can install the framework client manually via Zenworks...

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Install/Update across subnets via NAT

I've now created a new distributed repository using FTP. The client are able to connect fine.

I've added the Repository information into one of the client, however this change doesn't stick, so its obviously being pulled or updated from something else.

Does anyone know which file I need to edit or import to have this repository location stay ?