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Install EPOAMT : 2.0

Hi Guys,

I have customer that using McAfee Endpoint Protection Advanced Suites, and now they buy another product McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Bussiness. The second product is used for Encryption purposes.

I have downloaded the Drive Encryption & McAfee ePO Deep Command Discovery & Reporting (Pkg & Ext) using the New Grand Number.

First I install the extension that included on Drive Encryption :

  1. Drive Encryption Admin
  2. Drive Encryption PC
  3. Drive Encryption Go
  4. Drive Encryption Help
  5. Drive Encryption Out of Band Management (FAILED)

Unable to install extension, Missing dependencies are required by etension EEDEEP : EPOAMT:2.0. Please ensure these extensions and minimum versions are installed.

Then I try to install McAfee ePO Deep Command Discovery & Reporting Packge and Extension, but they already exist.

I try to check-in Drive Encryption Out of Band Management from Software Manager, but still Error with same message.

I'm using ePO 5.3.

I cannot input the McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Bussiness license key to ePO because already used by McAfee Endpoint Protection Advanced Suite.

Could you give please Help me for this, i have working with this issue for 2 days.



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