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Initial Agent Communication

Was hit by a request recently, one in which i wasn't prepared for.  "Can you tell me what day this particular system first communicated with ePO?", "How about a site(s) of systems?"  I knew the information was in the database the question was how to get it out and into a reportable format.

I submit the sql script below as my solution.

Update dbo.EPOComputerProperties

Set UserProperty1 =(Select NodeCreatedDate FROM dbo.EPOLeafNode WHERE dbo.EPOLeafNode.AutoID =dbo.EPOComputerProperties.ParentID)

The script queries the "NodeCreatedDate" from the "dbo.EPOLeafNode" table and appends it to the "UserProperty1" field in the "dbo.EPOComputerProperties" table.  I have set a job to run this once a week and i am able to generate a report that shows "Custom 1" which contains the date information i require.

IMO it would be nice to have this already part of the default System Information view.

on 1/3/13 1:21:06 PM GMT-05:00
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