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Ignore Active Dir PC/Servers in EPO 4.0

Hello all,

I'm very new to all of this, so hang with me.

I need to know if there is a way to make epo ignore machines that are in active directory.  The reason I want to do this is because we have some machines or servers that are showing up non-compliant and they will always be non-compliant because they either are not running right now and likely never will be or they do not run McAfee VSE.

Basically I don't want to remove them from AD and I want them to stop showing up as non-compliant... really I just need EPO to ignore these.



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Re: Ignore Active Dir PC/Servers in EPO 4.0

I was just looking at something similar, you do an AD Sync to bring these computers in to epo?  In 4.5 (hopefully in 4.0) there is an exceptions list that you can not import that client in to epo.  Also, if the client isn't running, perhaps their AD object could be disabled.  That helps everyone know that status on the machine and EPO won't import it (hopefully also on 4.0). Good Luck.

Re: Ignore Active Dir PC/Servers in EPO 4.0

Thanks!  I'm not sure about an exceptions list... I will have to look for that.  However, I do know that I can go into those reports and exclude certain machines from showing by saying "not equal to" and then the machine name.  Not sure if that is what you are talking about, but I plan to look into this further today or tomorrow.

Thanks again!