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IDE-R not working. Getting Invalid Parameter error

I am trying to get IDE-R to work using ePo 4.6.8 with Deep Command 2.1.

I point to an ISO that the "Everyone" security group has access to and initiate the action, but the system doesn't do anything.  The path is use is \\wm-srv-epo-02\Bootable Images\winpe_x86.iso

When I check the logs on the ePO it shows the following:

Server Task Log Information 

Source:Out-of-Band Action
Start Date:8/12/14 1:01:47 PM
Duration:Less than a minute
User Name:Adm.Adrian
Parent Task Name:Boot/Reboot from Image (IDE-R)

Log Messages

8/12/14 1:01:47 PM Started: Boot/Reboot from Image (IDE-R)
8/12/14 1:01:47 PM Boot/Reboot from Image sent to system 'PC21643'
8/12/14 1:02:11 PM Failed: [] Invalid Parameter

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Level 10

Re: IDE-R not working.  Getting Invalid Parameter error

Also tried McAfee KVM viewer and when trying to use IDER Im getting the error: "Failed to open IDER Session: Please make sure you have Administrative privileges".

I have triple checked the permissions and they are correct; I have got permissions to IDER and it is active. To test this theory I used a 3rd party IDE-R launcher and it work straight away.

I feel that there is a bug in the McAfee software that it is not using the correct IDER command.

Please help.

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