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How/where do I assign Rogue Sensor policies?

My AD structure gets synced with the same OU structure.

I have 3 primary computer OU's and each has 7 other OU's for the same buildings. Like below, but with more bldg's. Most buildings have their own subnet, but a few share.

Bldg 1 will be the same subnet evertime it shows up below and the same for each other bldg. I created one RSD policy for each bldg# OU.

Can I assign them at a higher level or do I need to assign each policy to it's respective OU?

I thought I could assign them all at the top of the structure and then they will only apply to the OU's/subnets that they are configured for. But it looks like only one policy can be assigned to part of the System Tree.

Company > Computers (FDCC) > Bldg 1

                   Computers (FDCC) > Bldg 2

Company > ComputersNonFDCC > Bldg 1

                   ComputersNonFDCC > Bldg 2

Company > ComputersUSGCB > Bldg 1

                   ComputersUSGCB > Bldg 2


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