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How to view and stop active local task on McAfee client?

I created a server task to run multiple client tasks (uninstall VSE and reinstall VSE) but it seems stuck on some machine. This has caused major problem in our environment because other program installer (with MSI or VBS format) cannot be executed -> default windows behavior is unable to run another installer instance if there is another running installer instance.

From the ePO server side, I have disabled the task and performing wake-up agent but it doesn't solve the problem. Restarting ePO services doesn't help either.

From the client side, I've tried restarting the machine as well which makes no difference.

I belive this is caused by the stuck installation task from ePO. I want to view active local task on the client side, and if possible I want to terminate it locally. Can I do that? So far I can't find any documentation supporting that. Please advise.

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Re: How to view and stop active local task on McAfee client?

Hi Arranda

Instead of this method try doing the below one instead

1. Get the latest MFE removal tool from tech support - they release one every quarter and that is valid only for the quarter

2. Uninstall all products on the system with hte tool

3. Reboot the machine

4. If the machine is on windows AD then create a separate group which will sync AD computers

5. Deploy the agent from EPO onto such machines then follow it up with the antivirus and other components

I faced this issue when my EPO failed some time back so after setting up a new one I ended up doing this

best regards


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