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How to use WOL to deploy mcafee


I would like to know if and if so, how I can configure my network to use Wake on LAN to deplay Dat updates etc instead of waiting for the PCs to be turned on in the mmorning, waiting 15 mins before it starts working quickly?

I am using epo 4.50.1810 and MVE DAT Ver 6634

Any advise would be great.

Thanks in advance


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Re: How to use WOL to deploy mcafee

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Re: How to use WOL to deploy mcafee

McAfee currently doesn't have a WOL solution integrated in ePO, unless you consider their "recent intel device only with PKI infrastructure for your needs". That would be part of deep command.

I've created a python script that might help you with the wake up part of it. Then scheduling an update task in n epo is easy.


Re: How to use WOL to deploy mcafee


We are SIA partner fully integrated with McAfee and we are proving Wake On Lan capability through our power management product :

More informations directly at our product webpage :

The feature you are looking for is :

Wake Technology

Most reliable Wake-up technology in the market. Workstations will always be ready to work. Ensuring a maximum success rate for your updates.