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How to stop a client task with EPO console

Good day,

We are using EPO console 5.3.1 and on our 452 servers McAfee Agent with VirusScan 8.8 update 8.

My question is as follows. We have a weekly VirusScan task that scans servers on the weekend for viruses. Yesterday I modified the task and made the mistake of putting 12:59pm instead of 11:59 pm. The scan started at lunchtime Tuesday even if it is programmed for Saturday. (See image of schedule.

Can someone explain why the task started on all servers when it was programmed for Saturday and we were Tuesday ? Second, the most important question, how do you stop a scan that was started on all servers with the EPO console ? What is the fastest way ? You can imagine that servers were bottlenecked with the scan. So what is the fastest way to stop a scan in progress ? What I did is I created a empty TAG that and modified the weekly scan to scan only servers that have that TAG. Then  I forced a wakeup on all servers. So the servers that did not start to scan never did. Please advise on the best practice to stop an error like that ?

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