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How to stop EPO Agent Version Update? (Etc)


In our environment we have 129 PCs out of 1500 that have EPO installed and its not working correctly.
In some of these cases its due to duplicate GUIDs, in other cases they are just not reporting in.
(None of these PCs are listed in the EPO directory)

As all the clients are running I was hoping to solve the problem by rolling out the latest agent using the login script only and a force install command.

I am hoping this should force all PCs to install the latest EPO agent and get rid of any duplicate GUID values.

I do not want to update the agents using EPO.

The only query I have is in regards to stopping the updated EPO agent from deploying to client PCs once it is checked into the repository.

My only idea was to set the agent to "ignore" in the deployment task before importing the package to the repository; however I am not sure if this will truly stop the EPO agent from automatically updating.

I was hoping somebody has tried something similar before and can offer some advice on stopping the EPO agent updating.

I once found a Mcafee article relating to how to stop the agent updating...but of course I wasn't interested in that at the time.

Any help appreciated as always!