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How to pull report for oudated Dat version on machines in domain from epo

Hi All,

I'm very new to ePO adminstration, i have lot of confusse to handle epo, could some one help to get some overview on epo,

1. how to check whether all machines reporting to epo has latest dat file.

2. how to fix latest dat version through epo.

thanks in advance.

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Re: How to pull report for oudated Dat version on machines in domain from epo

go to Queries and Reports.  Results type, select Managed Systems

On Chart tab, click List then Table.  I sort it by DAT Version

Scroll down to VirusScan Enterprise then add in DAT Version.

on the Filter, go down to the same place.  VirusScan Enterpirse and add DAT Version again.

Choose, Is not within X version of repository and add in a value on how far out. 

Name the query whatever you want.

Now you can see how many versions old you got.

To set up a force update, go to Server Tasks and create a new task. 
Name it and leave it disabled till you are sure it is what you want.

Under Actions, have it Run Query and select the query you just created

For Subactions, select Run Client Task Now. 
Product: McAfee Agent
Task Type: Product Update

Task: DAT Update <~ Now i forget if that was predefined by epo, or if we had to make that. if it does not exist, then i can tell you how to create that.

Set the other options to fit your place.  Set a schedule time.  Save it.

Run the task to see if it works as intended then just enable it to automatically go.

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