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How to import a .txt, .csv, ... list of processes in policies

I like to have a way (or more than one) to write a list of processes, exclusions, ...  in the EPO Policy Catalog.

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Re: How to import a .txt, .csv, ... list of processes in policies


no, this is not possible. you may take a look at the new ideas portal. Enclosed the info from the SNS newsletter.

In August, 2015, Intel Security decommissioned the Product Enhancement Request (PER) system. The new Ideas forum has been implemented as a replacement.

On the Ideas forum, you can submit your own feature requests as product Ideas, search for Ideas that have been submitted by other customers, and vote for Ideas that you want to see implemented. Votes on Ideas help us prioritize which requests to include on the product roadmap.

To sign up for the new Ideas forum and begin submitting your Ideas, go to:

For more information, see KB60021 (


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