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How to get Device GUID?

HI i'm trying to setup DLP 3,0 and i've set a device rule that can block several USB drive vendors using their GUID, device serial number, etc. I obtain those items via registry so if you have several USB drives to check it would be a great hassle to check on them one by one.

Is there any way to obtain these info with the use of a special tool or something so everytime i insert a USB drive i could just press a single button and..............poof...there goes the GUID..
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RE: How to get Device GUID?

I'm actually curious to know where in the registry you get the UID of USB devices ?


RE: How to get Device GUID?

Dude, its on this path: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Mountpoints2

You can see there each of the devices that you plugged into your computer. BUt i would't want to do this EVERYTIME i need to register another device