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How to enable only compressed DAT files ?

If you set up a new Epo server with EPO 3.6.1 and all clients are Virusscan 8.5i, with engine 5300 is it possible to only download and replicate the compressed DAT files ?
If so, where would you change that on the console, or if it cannot be done from there, what else needs to be done to force this ?
Because, right now replication is >70 Mbytes for each repository, with 2 very large ZIP files per day being replicated.

(Sorry for the duplicate post, but the title of the other one was not clear)
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RE: How to enable only compressed DAT files ?

So, nobody knows, or should I conclude that what I am asking is impossible ?
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RE: How to enable only compressed DAT files ?

Probably impossible atm. The other dat is for legacy systems which will hopefully be dropped sometime. I would also like to half the size of the dats - the sizes are killing our WAN