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How to empty a node's Description field using WebAPI


I am trying to empty (i.e. clear) the Description field so it contains nothing (not even a space) using this WebAPI command:

curl.exe -s -S -k -u <WebAPI user>:<WebAPI pass> "https://<ePO IP>:<ePO Port>/remote/system.setUserProperties?names=<nodename>&description="

But it fails.

apparently anything after "description=" can stand, e.g. description=1234, which adds the value of 1234 to the field. (Using "description=""  " adds "" to the field. )

However I could not manage to empty the field.

"description=" does not work.

(We clear the Description field of any text remnants put there beforehand that are no longer valid, any remark there, etc.)

Any ideas are warmly welcome. Thanks!

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