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How to check in VS8.7i and not automatically deploy

I am working on upgrading from VS 8.5i to 8.7i. I need to check in 8.7i into ePO 4 but I need to make sure it doesnt automatically deploy to all my nodes. What settings do I need to make sure are set for this. When I upgraded to 8.5 with ePO3.6 as soon as I checked in 8.5 it started to deploy. It ended up working pretty well but I would like to be able to do some testing this time around.
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RE: How to check in VS8.7i and not automatically deploy

Just ensure you don't have any software deployment tasks setup and you will be good to go. The deployment tasks are the one's that tell the agent software is available. If no tasks are available no upgrades will occur.

I have made the mistake of deploying software with EPO before, so I feel your pain. The interface makes it FAR too easy to push things out. Smiley Wink

Best thing to do is setup a virtual test environment and play with EPO to your hearts content. In a virtual world you can screw things up all you like and have fun! This is probably the best way to learn how to use EPO without any formalized training.
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RE: How to check in VS8.7i and not automatically deploy

you can check in any software except CMA to evaluation branch (need to be enabled on Epo 4 server settings), and if your deployment task properly configured (mean use current branch for software) its shouldn't affect your existing systems.

on your test client you configure different deployment task, that do take install from evaluation branch (CMA 4 required)